Best Price On Binoculars

Best Price On Binoculars

Commentary: These new 'nocs are great! I can clearly see the coming darkness... What was that? The lens cap? Oh, right.

How can you get the best price on binoculars? Steal them. Five finger discount, baby!! When you steal a pair, you definitely end up getting the best price on binoculars, because that price is $0.00. Awesome, right? Totally.

When you have access to free binoculars in the States, it's a good thing. But things are even better in Europe! The strong Euro makes the dollar seem weak. So however far a dollar goes in America, a Euro will go even further! So when you pay $0.00 for a pair of binoculars in the U.S., you can go to Europe and they'll actually pay you to take binoculars off their hands! Sweet!

But seriously, aside from stealing, which is bad, don't do it you'll go to jail and get brainwashed, what should you do? How can one match or beat the price of $0.00?

There are some programs out there that offer certain tangible items in return for your cooperation. Say you're a college student, in your senior year. You walk into the room where the Cap 'N Gown Sale Extravaganza is going on. Really, the caps and gowns are just being doled out from a single table. What are all the other tables and people there for then? Are they vendors? No. They're recruits!

"Hey, buddy, let me tell you about a great job with The Bank that comes complete with a free pair of binoculars!"

"Hey, sister, ever heard of Dunkin Donuts? Come work for us at minimum wage for 40 years, and you just might earn a free pair of binoculars with your pension!"

"Hey, my brother, can you spare a dime? Spare your soul? No? How about -- a free pair of binoculars?"

If you're anything like most people, you'll walk away from that event with a cap and gown, plus two sets binoculars, three jobs, a few thousand dollars' worth of debt, and the promise of a third pair of binoculars sometime around 2050. Nice going!