Does Jamie Spears Have A Boyfriend

Does Jamie Spears Have A Boyfriend

Commentary: Person to the left...not so important?

Does Jamie Spears Have A Boyfriend? Yes. It's you.

Jamie Spears first rose to power in the summer of 1978. Her big half-sister, Britney Witherspoon IV, had already achieved mega success with her hit Nascar Cereal Song, "Take No More From Me." She'd worked for years to hone her talent on her own. As soon as she achieved fame, she hired the best coaches she could afford.

Luckily, Witherspoon was generous, and allowed Jamie Spears the use of her coaches. They taught her well, and she soon achieved success in her own right. However, she was able to stay a bit more down to earth than her older sibling, as Witherspoon's mistakes were definitely things to learn from.

Spears first noticed you in her English class. You always seemed to know the right thing to say, and she respected how down to earth you were. As a means of escape from the limelight at certain times in her life, Jamie sought companionship with "normal" people. This desire for real friendship made you an ideal candidate for Jamie Spears to approach and say "Hi" to in the hall one day.

Your relationship developed and grew from there, and soon the two of you were studying together. Really. Not making out and calling it studying, but actually studying. This was serious.

Then one day, you saw it in her eyes that there was more than a feeling of friendship there for you.

Meanwhile, the media kept printing stories hammering away at the question on everybody's mind, "Does Jamie Spears Have A Boyfriend?" In secret, you and Jamie knew the answer. Truly, yours had become a bond of love.