Download A Movie Clip For Free

Download A Movie Clip For Free

Commentary: Steven Spielberg was commissioned to design this Shock Ad, to "scare" "would-be" "criminals" "straight."

So, you wanna download a movie clip for free, huh? You, my good sir, are worse than Hitler!

Everybody look at the Evil One sitting at the computer! Scorn with all your might, for we are the righteous!

When you download a movie clip for free, you're not only depriving the film's creators of hard-earned coinage, you're also torturing the starving children of Africa.

You can be tracked.

Every time you click somewhere on the internet, somewhere that you're not supposed to, Mr. Beard goes to work to inflict pain and suffering on as many abandoned children as he can find.

You know Mr. Beard, don't you? He's the TV man who appeals to your sense of shame and guilt, to try to get you to donate a few dollars a month to help feed starving children. But is that really how the donations are spent?

The answer is "No."

Every dime that gets contributed to the Mr. Beard Fund is used to create Medieval torture devices that are employed if and only if you or your friends are caught downloading movie clips for free.

How can they know?

Google's YouTube Branch employs too many people to keep track of, and more than a few have become shills for Mr. Beard. They keep a close watch of whoever views the copyrighted clips that haven't been removed yet. Of course! Why do you think YouTube allows copyrighted material to remain active on the site, while removing other clips, if not to keep track of potential offenders? Offenders like you!

The files kept by the Mr. Beard Surveillance Team are immense. They are stored in an underground facility located somewhere in western Amsterdam. It takes three full months to recatalog and reindex everything, and this process occurs four times a year. Six on leap years.

Bottom line, keep in mind that there is no safe way to download a movie clip for free. Not now, not ever, not even next year when the government passes legislation making it legal.