Games To Play A Party

Games To Play A Party

Commentary: The Party Island flotation device uses helium and can carry a maximum of five passengers, at fifty feet in the air, for four hours. The handy rope latter optional add-on provides easy and safe entry and exit. Use of the Party Island has been scientifically proven to heighten the emotional highs and lows of any party game.

In the past, the top games to play a party included Parcheesi and charades. However, the newer, younger generation is much more hip to the latest crazes that are all the rage.

Games To Play A Party That Aren't Considered Boring

Russian Roulette
The rules are simple. Each player takes a seat on the outer edge of a circle, facing toward the circle's middle. The host produces a Super Soaker Six Shooter, and removes all but one of the capsules. The five capsules to be unused are stored away, while the remaining one is filled with urine. A single chamber of the Super Soaker Six Shooter is loaded with the urine-filled capsule, and the chamber is spun. Players say a quick prayer, then rise, and walk to the nearest bathroom. Each player then gets a turn with the Six Shooter, aiming it at the toilet, and pulling the trigger. If nothing happens, they get to keep playing. If the Six Shooter fires, the player is eliminated. This game is all the rage in Canada.

Trivial Pursuit
Each party member arrives with a single textbook. When the game begins, players scatter throughout the area, making themselves comfortable by either sitting or lying down. Players then proceed to study the material contained in their textbooks. The first player to fall asleep loses, and has their pocket picked.

Martian Marshmallow March
Prior to starting the party, the host covers the entire surface of the floor with large marshmallows. After this, small marshmallows are added to fill in any unanticipated gabs. Outside the building and room of the party, the host sets up a bed of hot coals. Party guests must cross this hot zone barefoot, and then immediately step onto the marshmallow floor. Each player is allowed five paces before they must remain still. After every player has taken five paces and arrived at their final location, the host checks to see how much the marshmallows beneath their feet have melted. Whoever's marshmallows are the most melted wins. Bonus points are awarded for scorched or burn marshmallows. The secret to winning is staying on the coals as long as possible.

Drinking And Shouting
This game is currently experiencing explosive growth in popularity throughout North America. It is especially popular with college students. The entire duration of the party is consumed with this one single game; all other games are subordinate to Drinking and Shouting. In order to avoid disqualification, a player is to always have a beverage in one hand, and must continuously drink from that beverage. Players take turns shouting, "Whoo" in whatever fashion appeals most to them at the time. The player whose shouting attracts the most positive attention wins. The player whose noisemaking attracts the greatest amount of negative attention wins the Antihero award. Bonus Antihero points are awarded for a visit from the police. A special rarity is possible, and occurs when the winner and Antihero are the same person.