Jentzen Franklin's 21 Day Fast

Jentzen Franklin's 21 Day Fast

Commentary: Shannyn Sossamon's agent and manager both scolded her relentlessly when the original Before shot was taken. Although her collarbone was clearly protruding, they told her she needed to lose more weight. She fasted for 21 days, and received high amounts of praise once her After photo hit the pages of magazines everywhere. Fans were thrilled.

Jentzen Franklin's 21 Day Fast is the only way anyone can get the body they want in just three weeks. If you haven't tried Jentzen Franklin's 21 Day Fast, you're missing out!

George Jentzen and Benny Franklin were two bellhops at the Ritz Carlton for years before they realized that rich women still find things to complain about. While careful to shield their secret shames from hotel lobby folk, the wealthy women were quick to loosen their tongues once they felt the comforting privacy of a quiet hotel hall.

Jentzen and Franklin each were able to pick up on the top issue for Upper Class Dames, that of their physique! Being rich and successful women, they were often too busy to put in the daily time-consuming effort it takes to exercise regularly and eat high-quality foods. Instead, many continued to search for other solutions, but to no avail.

While Franklin found this to be highly comical, Jentzen looked for a way to solve their problem. He realized that TV "gurus" had been hawking would be Problem Solvers for years, but these women were too rich to pay attention to television marketing. Jentzen imagined a world in which he had hustled them silly with simple Quick Fixes repackaged for the "Discerning Customer." He set to work.

Go Team Jentzen!

Jentzen finally convinced Franklin that there was money to be made, and all they had to do was a little research. Team Jentzen took two weeks off from work, during which time they slept all day and stayed up all night. This allowed them Prime Time Coverage of all the late night infomercials selling the secrets to health, weight loss, and physical success.

Jentzen and Franklin bought every system they could find, knowing that all they had to do was decipher the basic elements of Short Term Success and repackage them for the average Wealthy Female.

Team Jentzen had practically finished polishing off a revolutionary system that actually did not focus on the Short Term as originally planned. If properly employed, by anyone, it would literally change their life.

Rethinking The Plan

Jentzen himself wondered if it was correct to sell people the Real Secrets to Success. It took a couple of days of private mediation before he was willing to speak with Franklin once more. At that point, Franklin made Jentzen aware of the obvious fact that no matter how correct a piece of advice may seem, if it appears to require continuous effort, most people will dismiss it. Franklin made the off-the-cuff remark that most people would rather work out hard for the first three weeks of January and then give up, rather than working out at an even pace year-round.

This catalyzed Jentzen's thinking, and allowed him to discover the seeds to his currently successful program. Out of that simple conversation, Jentzen Franklin's 21 Day Fast was born.

How Jentzen Franklin's 21 Day Fast Works

First, you mark your calendar starting a week from today, and ending 4 weeks from today. That encompasses the twenty-one days of fasting you'll be going through.

For the seven days leading up to Fasting Day One, you must gorge yourself silly on all your favorite foods. This builds up a Psychological Immunity that will culminate in your swearing off food altogether at the end of each of the Seven Preliminary Days. Once you have repeatedly sworn off all food for seven days in a row, you'll be ready for Fasting Day One.

During Fasting Day One, you are to eat nothing.

On Fasting Day Two, you must purge your system of all remaining food and nutrients. This is accomplished by five enemas spaced out over the day, accompanied by three occasions of self-induced vomiting. Your toothbrush can be quite handy in this endeavor.

Fasting Days Three through Twenty-One are essentially a repeat of Fasting Day Two.

In order to survive Jentzen Franklin's 21 Day Fast, the typical individual must stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Additionally, tubs of whipped cream are admissible to eat, as they are worth zero points. Frozen whipped cream can be a delightful treat, and is handy at neutralizing leftover stomach acids from daily purgings.

After The Twenty-One Days

More than fifty percent of the Jentzen Franklin Fasting Program deals with what you should do after the fasting period. This had to do with interacting with friends and coworkers who may become shocked and jealous at how attractive and gaunt you've become. Also, the final three pages of the Fasting Manual are solely dedicated to Enlarged Ego Syndrome, a byproduct of achieving such rapid and amazing success.

As long as you keep your head on straight, you should be able to easily adjust to a life of looking lean and getting seen.