Login Without Password On Yahoo Messenger

Login Without Password On Yahoo Messenger

Commentary: Constipation can be tough.

You fiend! You sneak! You're trying to find out how to login without password on Yahoo Messenger! For shame, for shame.

Do you realize we're still having a War on Terror! Do you also realize that we need to be helping, as opposed to hurting us in pursuit of our goal? "If you're not with us, you're against us," they say. Do you dare to question them? No? Ok. Wait, your answer was "Yes?!!!"

It all makes sense now... It's all so clear! You're one of them! One of the bad guys! A terrorist!

But wait, you can't just be any terrorist... After all, what weapon are you using? Information! Technology! Not a machine gun, or explosives, or a bucket of human waste that you hid as you walked up forty flights of stairs only to find at the last moment that the door to the roof was locked so you had to find some other place to create havoc and ended up just making a mess in the bathroom! Your one of their secret weapons...

A cyber-terrorist!

What, did they hire you in some chat room as you drank a fancy beverage on a beach somewhere, typing into your laptop that, "Sure, 4 million suits me just fine?"

What's the deal then? What's your situation? Who's your target?!!

Are you trying to Login Without Password On Yahoo Messenger in order to infiltrate a major agent's secret account? Why would he or she use Yahoo! Ha! I've defeated you! ...Or have I?

If it's not a government agent you're after... could it be the Principal of the United States? Principal Cheney, perhaps? No Yahoo! there either, one might guess.

Wait a minute... Maybe you're so deep down the rabbit hole that you've been instructed to hack yourself, and you don't even know it!

Maybe you're absolutely convinced that you've lost your password, and have no other recourse but to discover a means of logging in without it!

If that's the case, then the answer's simple. Just go to the login page, clear your web browser's cache, press CTRL+ALT+Z+X+4+3+$+# all at once. Then shut down the computer, unplug it, and turn it back on. That should do it.

This solution provided by United Way.