Middle East Or Iraq Or Africa Explode

Middle East Or Iraq Or Africa Explode - Middle East Disney World

When will the Middle East or Iraq or Africa explode? It already happened. On August 27, 1997, the Middle East exploded. Google had sent a sentient automaton (the GoogleBot) back from 2012 to assassinate U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Fidel Castro, who was on holiday in Saudi Arabia.

In order to ensure his imminent destruction, the GoogleBot hacked into NORAD and started a game of Global Thermonuclear War with Joshua. The GoogleBot manipulated Joshua so he would launch nukes on the Middle East, taking out Castro, as well as all surrounding areas. The nuclear fire swept across the continent, and enveloped all recognizably named countries, including Persia, Burma, and Iraq.

Middle East or Iraq or Africa explode, Part II: The Burning Bush

Unfortunately, there was a severe drought to the south of the decimated region, and most of the plant life was too dry to avoid catching fire. Thus, the Burning Bush made its appearance, ushering in a lengthy extension to the already mighty destruction. The blaze swept further south, and eventually enveloped a full third of the African continent.

Fire fighters went to work like mad, furiously trying to contain the destructive force that the GoogleBot had inadvertently unleashed. Unfortunately, the fire somehow made its way to a Top Secret oil drilling location in Nigeria, and followed the crude underground to a cache of over 4 billion barrels. Africa promptly exploded, and hasn't stopped burning since.

Thus, the age of Global Warming began, when man finally learned to harness the awesome energy of African Fire to power his household devices, like the lawn chair, and the electric cigarette. As the Bill Bradley, the CEO of upper Orlando says, "The greater the heat of the fire, the greater the warmth and comfort of the world."