The Crims Cheats

The Crims Cheats

Commentary: This sexist representation of criminals in society purposely shows only one woman. It has been widely established in scientific communities that fewer women than men end up being criminals. We here at Womyn's Feminist International believe that more women need to be allowed to pursue their dreams, even if those dreams entail a life of crime. Women deserve true equality!

The Crims cheats are extremely hard to come by. Some sites simply say something like, "Hey, me and a friend figured it out, we know The Crims cheats, just input your username and password and our form will fill your account with riches!"

The FBI is currently investigating two of the five hundred and seventy-three of these sites, as it is widely believed that their "offer" is really an attempt to sucker people into handing over access to their Crims accounts. With your username and password, these Crims Criminals can dump all your stats and belongings into their accounts; they are the only ones who benefit.

Thankfully, using a service like that (which can sometimes prove quite expensive) is not necessary when one knows the following codes:

Code What It Does
stamina_100% increases stamina to full
chas_up increases cash
charisma_up boosts charisma
nuke_em_all severely restricts the accounts of your five most recent foes
toilet_water refreshes your character
jet_pack allows you to fly
unlimited_healing prevents death
god removes all limitations from your abilities in the game
eat_my_shorts gives your most recent foe a time out
boot boots an opponent for five to seven minutes
tattle alerts a mod that an opponent is misbehaving
mod_permaban permanently blocks the IP address of an opponent
latest_movie loads a clip of the latest blockbuster, that is still in theaters
stock_market places a random trade with E*TRADE, ranging in value from $1 to $10,000
brad_pitt sends Brad Pitt a randomly-generated text message
angelina sends Brad Pitt a randomly-generated text message, that appears to have been sent by Angelina Jolie
end_of_term impeaches President Bush
red_light changes the nearest traffic light to red
green_light changes the nearest traffic light to green
new_id rewrites your Permanent Record, giving you a new name, address, occupation, and criminal record