When Is The Next Fed Meeting

When Is The Next Fed Meeting

"When Is The Next Fed Meeting?" you ask.


These days, too many people discount the idea of keeping themselves Fed when it counts the most. Of course this refers to eating a balanced breakfast each and every day.

Maybe you stayed up late and slept in, only to find that by the time you got up and got dressed, it was already time for lunch! That doesn't mean you have to go to the trouble of skipping breakfast altogether. You could simply have breakfast for brunch, brunch for lunch, lunch for dinner, dinner for dessert, and then dessert for breakfast tomorrow. It's that easy!

Sometimes, though, you've got places to be. You get up, look at the clock, and realize you don't have time to eat a balanced meal. This happens all too often, and is precisely why the answer to the question, "When Is The Next Fed Meeting?" is "Tomorrow."

Tomorrow morning at 8:00am (or 7:55am for all you Masons) we'll convene in room 334 of the Breakfast Memorial Building (named after John D. Breakfast, who gave his life in the defense of mid-morning meals everywhere). After a reading of the minutes from last meeting, we'll dig in.

Among the topics we'll cover are:

  • Reasons Most People Avoid Worrying About Getting Fed Early In The Day
  • Why To Be Fed In The Morning Is Important
  • How This Affects Our Children
  • How To Improve Levels Of Interest In Having A Balanced Breakfast

If he can make it, James Lunch Jr. will stop by and deliver what promises to be a fantastic speech.

Another of the issues we'll discuss, and perhaps one of the most important, has to do with eating cold pizza for breakfast. This is one of the worst things you can do, because pizza is not the healthiest of breakfast choices. But even worse than that is eating cold pizza for breakfast, outside. While walking.

Of course getting fed is important. And of course sometimes we don't have time to stick around indoors and eat, especially when we're running late. But eating cold pizza outdoors while walking has proven to be a lethal combination activity that could have disastrous results. More on this tomorrow morning.

Please join us if you can, and even if you can't, remember to Get Fed!