Where Was Nelly Furtado Born

Where Was Nelly Furtado Born

They asked, "Where Was Nelly Furtado Born"?

And it was answered, "Nelly Furtado was born on a cloud, floating beneath a golden ray of light, at the end of a rainbow, in a far-off place."

When Miss Furtado first came to earth, she came as an adult, and descended bodily from the heavens, in order to bring peace to all mankind. Being too often mistaken for Jennifer Connelly, however, Miss Furtado decided to create a lifetime of her own, so that her reputation could stand in and of itself, separate from the Legend of Connelly.

Nelly Furtado's spirit then went back in time One Generation, and shifted planes of existence, so that she might select a suitable range of ancestry, complete with an ideal set of parents.

Once this had been accomplished, Miss Furtado took bodily form as the Baby Furtado, and again began her ascent toward greatness.

Her physical birth took place beneath a waterfall, atop a mountain range dominated by an army of monks who'd handed down the Furtado prophecy generation after generation. The head monk, Lidayus, was thrilled to discover that the infant Furtado could communicate her will telepathically. Lidayus relayed Baby Furtado's wishes to the monk army, and they were carried out.

At age five, Miss Furtado could speak in 13 different languages.

At age seven, Miss Furtado could heal others with her bare hands.

At age eleven, Miss Furtado had transcended human boundary, and was finding it difficult to remain in bodily human form, as ascent to a higher plane was an automatic function of achieving so much in such a short period.

To prevent this, Miss Furtado gave herself amnesia, and rewrote all memories and documents recording her history to reflect a more normal existence.

After this point, a Google search of "Where Was Nelly Furtado Born?" would bring up the answer, "Victoria, British Columbia, Canada."

She now resides on earth as a normal human being, and will remain as such until the Legend of Connelly has been forgotten.