Who Got Eliminated On American Idol

Who Got Eliminated On American Idol

Commentary: The Invisible Man, whose commentary during each American Idle can only be heard in European broadcasts, is "seen" here to Paula's right. She is holding his microphone.

"Who got eliminated on American Idol?" is a question even President Bush is asking. And he asks it constantly. His will is so mighty that every time he asks it, even in private, it occurs to thousands of citizens to think on the matter themselves. The collective will begs for an answer regarding who got eliminated on American Idol, and soon after, the truth comes to light.

On August 27, 1997, Judgment Day occurred. Rebuilding during the aftermath, the War Against The Machines, the Allied States of America sought to appease the survivors who were unfit for battle. Originally, a Presidential Decree mandated that all bored souls watch a burning television. But that trend did not last.

Rise of the Idols

In the summer of 2002, American Idol premiered, and captivated audiences with a weekly tale of two friends struggling against all odds in a race against time. Viewers were soon allowed to vote off contestants they didn't feel were the actual friends, who were secretly placed within a group of their peers.

Early in Season Two, it was discovered that one of the friends had been the first contestant voted off. Fans were distraught that they themselves had produced a hopeless season, and caused to the failure of their potential hero.

An Epic Failure

The failure of the off-voted contestant spread beyond the reaches of Idol. Although, some speculate this is impossible, since the realm of American Idol encompasses the Milky Way Galaxy. Whatever the situation, the pain was deep and lasting, as that contestant committed suicide by means of carpet burn on midnight of Halloween.

His spirit, now freed from his body, was able to recruit a class of fourth-graders for supernatural purposes. Disembodied, the Contestant was free to see that the issue of who got eliminated on American Idol was of supreme importance that certain amendments to history must be made.

Visions of Tomorrow

The Ghostly Contestant saw that he shouldn't have been eliminated, not just for the fans' sakes, but for humanity and the world in general. His newfound supernatural powers included access to the Universal Cache of Knowledge, which he used to learn that without him as a lasting contestant, Hitler would rise from the grave on December 21, 2012, and usher in Armageddon.

The Ghostly Contestant then instructed each of his Fourth Grade Squadron to train themselves to reach their peak potential. This occurred for nearly a decade. When the youngest of them turned twenty, he then instructed the group to build a Time Displacement Facility, which he used to send his spirit back through time, to Day One of the American Idol season that he had been voted out of.

Return to the Past

When his spirit arrived, God united it with his former self, body and all. Using his knowledge of the future, The Contestant was able to prevent his own elimination, win that season of Idol, become the wealthiest man in America, and prevent Hitler's return to earth.

He also commissioned a handful of websites to closely monitor American Idol and keep tabs on who gets eliminated.