Why Do People Dream

Why Do People Dream

Why do people dream is a common question that has stumped American scientists for millions of years. Some people believe that aliens transmit television signals via radio waves directly into our brains while we sleep, in order to convince us that there is more to reality than is commonly perceived. Alas, the Area 51 fanatics are all too quick to forget this part of the puzzle, and tend to focus solely on aircraft that they see at night, while only half dreaming. Others believe that it is not aliens that make our dreams, but rather demons. Most people generally agree that if dreams are not caused by aliens or demons, they must originate at the corporate level.

Of course, Al Gore was the first to point this out in 1984, with his masterpiece novel entitled, "1999: A Race Odyssey," which largely focused on how corporate entities could theoretically develop technology that could brainwash large groups of a population overnight, while they slept. This book became a major hit in the Ivy League, and generations of Harvard graduates have spent billions seeing that the brilliance outlined in Gore's work became more than a fantasy.

In 1989, the prototype Dream Maker 3000 went to work in the northwest United States, convincing a major portion of the citizenry that killer bees were going to migrate west and kill them all. This was done in order to minimize the impact of news reports about oil disasters.

In 1992, the Dream Maker 6000 was unveiled, and was so thoroughly advanced that it has continued to be used over the past decade and a half to make all North Americans oblivious to the fact that Jesus has in fact returned and is living among us. Only one in a million is unaffected by the Dream Maker 6000, and can actually see the Son of God when he's out in public. However, most of these "seers" have been captured and relocated to Guantanamo Bay.

Some people dream a different kind of dream, a waking dream about a life better made. Then the question of why do people dream takes on new meaning. In this sense, people dream because it allows them to imagine a world where all their desires are fulfilled, where they are not subject to current restrictions, and can easily achieve anything they want. Dreams here serve corporate interests as well, since they allow the faceless masses a means of appeasing themselves, while those at the top of the corporations are the only ones experiencing true, lasting fulfillment. Indeed, was it not So Crates who wrote in his masterpiece "Romeo Must Die," that the greatest dream of mankind is "to subjugate and tame his fellow man?"